Friends of Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park

Membership of Friends of Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park Inc.

Our members include people from around Australia and overseas. The common bond is not simply their passion for the beauty of the Flinders but also their wish to contribute to the conservation of the assets of an iconic national park. These assets include various aspects of flora and fauna, Adnymathanha culture, mining, and wool growing.

The remote location of the park prevents some members from participating in our regular working weeks throughout the year. However we value the support for our conservation development and maintenance, and research activities, from all members with an interest in ensuring the park is well cared for, even if they are unable to participate in on-park projects..  A number of members who have retired from full time employment manage to attend the park a number of times each year whereas others make it there once or twice.  All are equally welcome as they make a contribution to our important projects.

A membership can consist of an individual, a couple or a family. 

Membership fees are $25 per annum whether one or two people, or a family.

How to Join

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Membership Enquiries

If you need more information to help you in deciding whether or not to join us, contact either our President at Turn on Javascript!,  or our Secretary on  Turn on Javascript!